Ankur Mandal

March 11, 2024

Now Seamlessly Integrate

your AWS and

Azure Accounts


Ankur Mandal

5 min read
March 11, 2024

We are pleased to share an enhancement to Lucidity's Autoscaler platform that will simplify the way you integrate your AWS or Azure accounts. While not a seismic shift, we believe this feature refinement represents an important step in our commitment to making your user experience as seamless as possible.

Our new feature offers a streamlined, 3-click process for integrating your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) accounts with Lucidity. With just a few clicks, you can set up the Autoscaler to work seamlessly with your existing AWS or Azure accounts, reducing the time spent in the onboarding phase and achieving tangible ROI.

Simplified Onboarding for Azure

Prior to this update, Azure integration was a manual, time-consuming process. There was room for error, as users needed to meticulously set up service principal objects and assign the appropriate roles and permissions. Now, with this enhancement in place, you can efficiently integrate your Azure account in just three simple steps: 

  1. Authenticate through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
  2. Select the Azure subscriptions you want to grant permissions to.
  3. Click to enable the Azure integration.

With this streamlined process, the potential for human error is drastically reduced, freeing up your time and ensuring a more reliable setup.

Streamlined Integration for AWS

Previously, integrating your AWS account into the Autoscaler involved multiple steps, including manual IAM role creation and permission management. This was not just time-consuming but also prone to missteps. Now, you can integrate your AWS account with ease:

  1. Choose the AWS region where you want to create the CloudFormation stack.
  2. Launch the stack and copy over the generated Amazon Resource Name (ARN) value.
  3. Click to enable the AWS integration.

By utilizing a CloudFormation template stack, the Autoscaler automates the creation of the IAM role and permission granting, making the process faster and more error-proof.

Unlocking Immediate Value

This automation upgrade goes beyond saving time. The swift integration of your AWS or Azure accounts with Lucidity's Autoscaler allows you to quickly onboard your disks to our Auto-scaler platform. With the time saved from manual setup, you can start leveraging our Autoscaler features faster. This means you can begin scaling resources, improving efficiency, and realizing cost savings more quickly.

We're continually working on making Lucidity's Autoscaler platform more user-friendly, effective, and intuitive. This is just one of the many enhancements you can expect in our journey to make cloud management easier than ever before.

To our existing users, we hope you'll enjoy the convenience of this new feature. For those considering Lucidity, we encourage you to take a closer look at how our platform is making cloud management easier than ever before.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and updates coming soon!

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