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FinOps X 2024: Your Guide to the Premier FinOps Event


Ankur Mandal

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FinOps X 2024 is an upcoming global conference in San Diego for FinOps practitioners across the globe.

FinOpsX is one of the two headline events that the FinOps Foundation is organizing this year. The San Diego event will be followed by Europe centric event in Barcelona later this year.

Whether you're a seasoned FinOps practitioner or new to the field, FinOps X 2024 offers unparalleled opportunities to deepen your knowledge. You can engage with experts and discover cutting-edge strategies for optimizing cloud costs.

This guide has you need to know about the conference along with an overview of the sessions and workshops. You'll also find tips for maximizing your experience in the event.

Venue & How to Reach

The event will be held at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina in San Diego, California. This stunning venue overlooks a private marina and is located near several attractions, including Seaport Village, the Gaslamp Quarter, Petco Park, and Balboa Park.

FinOps Foundation has also secured a block of rooms at the hotel and is offering special discounted rates. This arrangement ensures that participants can easily access all on-site activities at FinOpsX.

Discounted pricing for rooms start at $383 per night, all inclusive.

To reach the venue, San Diego International Airport serves the city, making it convenient for international and domestic travel. Attendees can take advantage of the city’s efficient public transportation system, but if they prefer to travel to the venue or hotel directly, they can use rideshare services or taxis.

For more clarity on the venue, click here.


The agenda for FinOps X 2024 is structured to offer a diverse range of sessions and activities. They are tailored to different skill levels and interests.

Attendees can expect:

1. Keynote Sessions: Insights from industry leaders on the latest trends and future directions in FinOps.

For example:

  • The Future of FinOps by J.R. Storment (FinOps Foundation)
  • Invoice Bots and the Role of Strategic Sourcing by Sarah Keller and Chavis Richardson (Uber)

2. Workshops: Hands-on sessions for beginners and advanced practitioners to enhance their skills.

A few workshops are listed below:

  • Public Sector Workshop by Sarah Kula (Canadian Institute for Health Information), Rhett Rothberg (U.S. Coast Guard), and Dr. Elizabeth Di Bene (Loudoun County Government)
  • FOCUS Workshop by Mike Fuller (FinOps Foundation) and Rob Martin (FinOps Foundation)

3. Panel Discussions: Engaging conversations with experts on pressing issues and innovative solutions in the FinOps domain.

The details of a few sessions are mentioned below:

  • Podwatcher and Podcast: How Aurora Built a Kubernetes Chargeback System by Martin Velez (Aurora)
  • A Programmer’s Guide to Cloud Cost Conversations by Ian Foster (Marsh McLennan)

4. Networking Events: Opportunities to connect with peers, mentors, and industry leaders.

This is just a brief summary of what you can expect from this conference.

However, if you’re looking for minute event details, let’s move to the next section for a detailed day-to-day schedule.

4-Day Complete Event Breakdown

June 19: Early Registration and Welcome Reception

  • Early Registration: Kick off your FinOps X experience with early registration.
  • Welcome Reception: Join us at the Marina Terrace for a welcome reception. This event sets the stage for networking and engagement with fellow attendees.

June 20: Keynotes and Breakout Sessions


  • Breakfast and Registration: Start your day with breakfast and complete your registration.
  • Main Keynote: Held in the Grand Ballroom, featuring leading voices in the industry.


Breakout Sessions: Diverse topics include:

  1. Simplifying FinOps in a Complex Business by Jarred Clore (Cisco) and Lucas Paratore (Tanzu CloudHealth)
  2. Making Cloud Sustainability Actionable with FinOps by Vik Saluja and Mike Jaco of Mastercard.
  3. Aligning Duolingo’s Cloud Architecture with Strategic Business Goals by Erik Peterson (Cloudzero) and Vitor Pellegrino (Duolingo)
  4. Cost Allocation Models and Chargeback by Swapna Samuel and Natasha Xu (BMO)
  5. Cloud Data Analysis & Statistics for the FinOps Practitioner by Victoria Levy (Alteryx)

Additional sessions focus on cloud sustainability, aligning cloud architecture with business goals, and more.


  • Networking Reception is scheduled for 5 PM at the Expo Hall.
  • Following that, a party on the USS Midway (offsite) is scheduled for 6:30 PM to wrap up the day.

June 21: Continuation of Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Keynotes: Discussions on the latest cloud announcements.

Breakout Sessions

  1. Optimizing for Billions: Coinbase’s Approach to AWS Cost Efficiency by Sara Reddy and Tiberiu Oprisiu (Coinbase)
  2. Taking FinOps to the Next Level: Beyond Optimization by Ziva Tubul and Dvir Mizrahi (Wix)
  3. Chasing Actionability and Engineering Engagement in FinOps by Federica Teodori (Riot Games)
  4. Applying the FinOps Framework to SaaS at Scale by Amy Ashby (Under Armour) and Lindbergh Matillano (Avalara)
  5. How FinOps Can Support Building Managed Services for Your Maturing Enterprise by Michael Bragalone, Ben Sleichter, and Nicole Yegorina (Capital One)
  6. Anomaly Detection with Looker on Google Cloud by Leslie Nolan and Kevin Kranz (CME Group)
  7. Cloud Sustainability Panel by Natalie Daley (HSBC), Mike Rosenberg (Nubank) and Bindu Sharma (Guidewire)


Networking Reception is scheduled for 5 PM at the Expo Hall. After that, the following networking events are scheduled for 7 PM.

  1. Sponsor event: 2nd Annual FinOps X 8-Bit After Party (ProsperOps, CloudZero, Xosphere)
  2. Sponsor event: Flexera Evening Aloha at FinOps X
  3. Sponsor event: Finout FinOps After Dark 2024

June 22: Final Day and Networking


  • Coffee and Chat Sessions: Informal discussions over coffee.
  • Networking Breakfast: One last opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, share insights, and exchange stories.

For more insights into day-to-day activities and sessions, you can visit this page and plan your time accordingly.

Prominent Speakers from Leading Companies

At FinOps X 2024 in San Diego, a range of prominent speakers will delve into various aspects of financial operations and cloud cost management. Here are some key speakers and the topics they will cover:

  • Tiberiu Oprisiu, Staff software engineer at Coinbase: He will discuss advanced FinOps practices and how to optimize cloud spend in high-growth environments.
  • Dinesh Sonawane, Vice President FinOps at Workday: He will present on integrating FinOps with enterprise financial systems to enhance transparency and efficiency.
  • Matthew Weingarten, Lead data engineer at Disney: He will share insights on managing cloud costs in large-scale entertainment and media operations.
  • Michael Bragalone, Lead Software Engineer, FinOps at Capital One: He will focus on implementing FinOps at scale and the challenges involved in financial governance in the cloud.
  • Andrew Feig, FinOps Strategy and Practice Lead at JPMorgan Chase: He will explore FinOps strategies for financial institutions, including compliance and risk management.
  • Nicole Yegorina, Senior Associate Project Manager at Capital One: She will highlight the role of product management in driving FinOps adoption and culture.
  • David Lambert Cloud Efficiency Engineering Manager at Adobe: He will cover best practices for cloud efficiency and cost optimization within creative and software industries.
  • Noel Crowley, Director of Cloud FinOps at Fidelity Investments: He will discuss the future of FinOps and emerging trends in financial technology and cloud management.
  • Brian Adler Sr. Director, Cloud Market Strategy: He will present the latest tools and technologies that support FinOps and cost management.
  • John Platt, CTO at Stormforge: He will address the importance of automation in FinOps and how AI can be leveraged to optimize cloud costs.

These sessions will include real-world examples, case studies, and actionable insights aimed at helping organizations better manage their cloud financial operations. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on integrating FinOps into their business processes, driving efficiency, and fostering a culture of cost accountability.

Making the Most of FinOps X 2024

To maximize your experience at FinOps X 2024:

  • Plan Your Schedule: Review the agenda and select sessions that align with your interests and expertise.
  • Engage with Speakers: Take advantage of Q&A sessions and networking opportunities to interact with the speakers.
  • Network with Peers: Participate in social events and discussion groups to build connections with fellow attendees.

By preparing in advance and actively participating, you can make the most out of your time at FinOps X 2024.

Registering for FinOps X 2024: Pricing Details

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to enhance your FinOps expertise and network with industry leaders. Sign up now to secure your spot!

If you’re excited to join FinOps X 2024, here’s what you need to know about the event’s pricing:

For non-members (i.e., vendor or service providers that are not member organizations): General attendee: The standard rate is $1,999, applicable until June 17.

For practitioners/member organizations (i.e., End-user practitioners and SMEs from member organizations): General attendee: Starting March 29, members of the FinOps Foundation can register at a discounted rate of $1,499.

Group Discounts

Special discounts are available for groups of 5+ practitioner attendees. To learn more about group pricing and to make arrangements, please contact

Lucidity at FinOps X 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Lucidity is a silver sponsor of FinOps X 2024. We look forward to showcasing our platform's capabilities and demonstrating how it can help you reduce cloud storage costs for FinOps practitioners, automate DevOps processes, and mitigate the risk of downtime.

Lucidity is the industry's first block storage orchestration tool, offering live expansion and shrinkage for your cloud's block storage. 

By leveraging Lucidity, you can achieve up to 70% in cost savings, maintaining a healthy bottom line while maximizing productivity and performance.

Our diverse clientele, including Fortune 500 companies and large-scale organizations worldwide, have benefited from Lucidity's offerings. We aim to revolutionize cloud storage management and assist industries worldwide with their cloud concerns, whether on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or any other cloud service platform.

Book a Meeting

To learn more about Lucidity, book a 1:1 meeting with our team at FinOpsX. Fill out the form on this page to schedule a time, and we will follow up with meeting logistics and a demonstration if needed.


FinOps X 2024 in San Diego promises to be an unforgettable event, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth, networking, and higher learning. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, FinOps X 2024 promises to be an essential gathering for those looking to navigate the complexities of cloud finance and drive their organizations toward greater fiscal efficiency and agility.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and peers. Register now for FinOpsX 2024 and be part of shaping the future of FinOps.

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